The tarot originated from ancient Italy. It was the first known reading material, aside from the Bible, among the Roman people. The tarot can be seen on several church paintings, starting from the 12th century onward.

The tarot can be divided into seven suits (a Major Arcana) based on their color. These suits are associated with different aspects of life. Based on the suit and its position in the tarot card reading, a tarot card reading may provide insight on many different things, depending on its suit and placement within the tarot. The following is a brief description of the 22 major arcana, with brief descriptions of each suit and the associated tarot card.

The Cups suit is represented by green cards. The Cups suit is associated with the element of Water, the movement, thought, feelings, emotions and physical feelings. The Cups tarot card can indicate a need to have realistic feelings and to be careful not to get carried away by exaggerated expectations. The cards can also suggest that one needs to slow down and take it easy, especially in the beginnings of any new venture.

The suit represents the colour blue. The Wands are also associated with the element of Water, and they symbolize the mind. They are a reminder to be logical and practical in decision making. The wands in a tarot deck often suggest a need for logical thinking in the face of an illusion, or of the need to remain calm and collected even in the face of extreme emotional intensity. It’s up to the reader to determine how strong the psychic feeling might be.

The Triquetra tarot card meaning is translated as three in a suit of three, which is the ideal combination for someone aiming at spiritual growth and self-discovery. In the tarot, the Triquetra looks to encourage a feeling of fluidity and individuality in one’s life. These are traits that are promoted by tarot readings, as they encourage the seeker to think for themselves and to take on an independent role in their life. The Triquetra also indicates a period of transition and change.

The Court of Love tarot card reading is one that asks the question, “What are you looking for?” in relation to a romantic relationship. This is the tarot card for those seeking a lifelong commitment with another person. When the Two of you make a commitment, it could be very meaningful and long lasting.

The Dawn deck has many different meanings. The Dawn is related to the Sun. This is the time of renewal and fertility for the new year. When the Dawn appears in a tarot reading, it can be a sign that there is truth behind all the myths that people believe about creation. It can also mean an opportunity to start new projects or ventures.

The Sun tarot card relates to the rising sun and the universal light. When this card appears in a tarot spread it can refer to the optimism that comes from having faith in the power of the Sun. The next of the three trumps, the Moon tarot card represents the female aspect of the human being. When the Moon appears in divination, it often has a suggestion of the need to nurture oneself with the beauty and the love that only the Moon possesses.

When the Dawn appears in a tarot spread it can also represent the struggle of the young to assert their own identity and individuality. If the person has finally achieved their own inner voice, they may be ready to express it in a positive way. The Two of swords indicates the need to find balance between your professional and personal life. Sometimes we have to put some things aside for the sake of our sanity and for the benefit of others.

The Thoth tarot card represents the power of communication through dreams. In the magic world of the occult this is considered a gateway into the material world. It helps us make the big decisions that change our lives. When the Thoth appears in a reading, you can be sure that the psychic reader knows what he or she is talking about. There are many different Thoth tarot readings, but it is usually related to the work of those who practice magic.

Most occultists agree that the Thoth is the most significant of the tarot decks. It holds a great deal of importance as the gateway to the other levels of the occult. It represents the awakening of the soul and the ability to use one’s spiritual power in every day situations. So next time you are dealing with a personal or professional dilemma, consider turning to an esoteric tarot reading.

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