This article is based on my latest practical experience of truly going through the entire process of obtaining estimates of the cost of developing a residence in Thailand such as receiving quotations from builders in Thailand and in addition using device Develop rates (the amount of sq. meter) to build a retirement residence in Thailand.

It’s going to be handy to anybody retiring in Thailand or planning to retire to Thailand and make a retirement home.

The 2 Main Two Solutions to Estimate the Cost of Developing a House in Thailand

You will discover in essence 泰國樓 two means of pricing a setting up venture in Thailand.

one. Utilizing Unit Construct Rates To Estimate The price of Creating a Home

The first and most straightforward approach is by using Device Construct Costs, i.e. the amount for every square meter it prices to make your home in Baht/m2. There are a range of Device Develop Costs for houses in Thailand and these differ according to the typical on the making and the location within the place.

You will find other factors that have an impact on the price of developing a property in Thailand and they are not Usually authorized for in device Create costs.

Only one instance is always that the expense of developing relies upon enormously on the particular builder chosen as quotations for the same property from distinct builders differs drastically.

Device charges to be used in estimating the price of residence building are readily available exactly where I live in the United Kingdom (UK). There are plenty of Sites that listing these unit charges in addition to you will find pricing textbooks that give fee for each sq. metre for An array of constructing varieties and sizes. This technique is often Employed in Excellent Britain, and various Western countries to work out a budget Charge for building a household.

Even so, in Thailand your situation differs. I have not observed any ‘official’ Unit Make Prices for Thailand but quite a few Web sites, notably Those people Boards catering for expats residing in Thailand, give some tough figures from people who have designed their particular retirement home in Thailand.

But that is all They can be – a guidebook – and definitely scarcely truly worth utilizing even for budgeting purpose

Two Examples from Thai Internet sites of Device Premiums for Property Establish Price in Thailand


Bangkok: “As of March 2006, purchasers experienced to pay 81,975 baht/m2 in common to accumulate a condominium unit in central place of Bangkok when compared with 72,596 baht/m2 in the last twelve months”.


Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand: “A residence built to western conventional will cost involving a hundred and sixty to three hundred Euros / m2″ (At 45 Euros/Baht (Jan 2010) that actually works out at 7,two hundred to 13,500 Thai Baht for every m2).

Notice how the device price for these two illustrations are so unique.

Another way to receive device rates for Thailand is always to method Thai builders and architects. Unit Create Fees not too long ago despatched to me by considered one of Thailand’s primary Bangkok-primarily based design and style-and-Create companies are from the range of 15,000 to 20,000 Baht/m2.

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