One of the most popular ways to keep current on the latest news in Canada is by subscribing to the Toronto Star. This newspaper not only provides breaking news, but many other features as well. The Star includes information on many different areas of government, science and space life and more. In addition, the Star provides interesting facts about celebrities and their family history.


The Star has won the hearts of many people with its up to date reporting. In fact, some of their stories have been featured in the New York Times and CNN. The newspaper has won prestigious awards such as the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Newspaper. Their coverage of politics is noteworthy, as is their reporting on many national and international issues. This includes world events like the Arab Spring and the unfolding events in China.

Toronto newspapers are a part of the Toronto Star Fleet. This is one of several publications in Toronto that also serve as a free community paper. Many other publications also are part of the Fleet. They include Community Voice, the Toronto Marlborough Express, and numerous other community newspapers. Many are targeted towards ethnic communities. This includes Arab and Jewish communities.

Some of the week’s best features are health care, the environment, local politics and more. For the past 25 years, they have also published the Canadian Film Awards. This award is given to the best film in the country. They also have many feature articles every week.

Torontoist is another excellent publication. Like the Toronto Star, it is part of the Toronto Star Fleet. This weekly newspaper is published weekdays on what is currently happening in Toronto. It also includes a number of environmental stories and features celebrity interviews.

The National Post has also been in business for many years. They publish the latest news in Canada and around the world. Many of the stories you may find here are from around the region. One feature story this week was about the positive benefits of the Site C-hydro project. The National Post also has a number of international stories.

The Globe and Mail has also been publishing some of the best Canadian news stories for years. Although they are primarily English speaking, they also provide many non-English speaking markets with content. One of their most popular sections is the Canada digest series. They will send you the latest breaking news in Canada and around the world. You can also sign up for their email newsletter to receive any breaking Canadian news.

There are many other news sources available all across the country. While many of them focus on the North American continent, others are available in all regions of the country. These are a great resource for anyone who wants to keep up with what is happening in their home town or the province they live in.

A favorite latte of mine is Starbucks’s latest invention: the Java machine. If you don’t live in Canada, you might not know it exists. It is called the Starbucks Cup and it is sold at almost every coffee shop in the country. Every morning, the machine will pump out one cup of coffee. The cups are small enough that you can grab one while you are in the restroom. When it is your birthday or someone else’s birthday, you can have your favourite latte delivered to your door.

Even if you do not drink coffee, you should take note of the interesting facts being reported in the Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette. Both papers also publish a popular women’s section, which features stories on everything going on in the fashion world. Some of the stories might make you go buy a designer handbag or something.

The Toronto Star has won several awards for excellence in journalism. Many people read the Star daily because it offers some of the best stories around. As well as political and celebrity gossip, the paper does in depth investigations into important issues that affect the community. They also publish a number of international stories that reach out to readers in other countries. They often write feature stories on environmental issues, local news and arts and culture. Although they do not publish videos or images in their daily newspaper, they have video clips of concerts and sporting events on their website.

The Montreal Gazette is another daily paper that you might not have heard of. Although they do not have a celebrity gossip section like the Toronto Star, they still publish interesting stories. They also publish several travel columns that educate their readers on different areas around the world.

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