My last internship was the best because I learned that my managers were completely different from my coaches. They were understanding, patient, and most importantly, nice

They seemed to care about me as much as they did their job. Even though the stakes are higher at work than they do on the high school baseball field, it was clear that they were concerned about my well-being.

My managers treated me well, style management agency life even though they were kind to me. However, there are still some managers who act like my baseball coaches. They fear-monger, intimidate, and mean. In the long-term, these tactics can lead to unhappy employees, low productivity, and high turnover.

It’s not a good idea to act rude at work, especially as a manager. This overview will show you the best and worst management styles.

Visionary managers communicate a purpose and direction to her employees, which encourages them to work hard for her vision.

Visionary managers will often let their employees work at their own pace, provided they are productive, after setting the team’s vision. Managers only check in with their employees to ensure they are on the right path or to share new ideas.

It gives employees autonomy that is essential for psychological functioning. When they are able to control their work, people feel happier and more motivated to finish them. Managers can boost employee engagement by letting their inner motivations dictate the direction of their work.

Majority rule in democratic management. Because they value the diversity of ideas and the importance of their employees, managers allow their employees to participate in decision-making.

Although all decisions are ultimately approved by democratic managers, employees have a lot to do with the decisions made by their managers. Transformative managers are innovators. They believe that change and growth are the only way to keep up with the curve. This is why they push their employees beyond their comfort zones, making them realize that they’re far more capable than they thought. This encourages employees to set higher standards, which leads to better team performance.

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