As pharmacists play a crucial role in connecting healthcare providers with patients, they must also recognize that people may not always be open about what agents they are using. One example is the increasing popularity of select androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, which are performance-enhancing supplements.

They have a variety of benefits,sarms pills including fat-cutting, endurance and strength, as well as their ability to increase muscle mass, lean muscle mass, fat-cutting and recovery properties.

 SARM-using people are those who use or think about using SARMs for recreational purposes, such as bodybuilders and others with physically demanding jobs. SARMs were banned in sports in 2008 by the World Anti-Doping Agency.1 The FDA also issued a public advisory in 2017 warning that SARMs could be used in recreational activities.

Recent research determined the chemical identity of dietary supplements and products sold online as SARMs. Only 52% of the 44 products tested actually contained one or more SARMs. Another 39% contained an unapproved drug. In 9% of the products, no active compound was found. 25% contained substances that were not on the label. Only 41% of products contained active compounds that were listed on the labels.

The label’s listing of active compounds was not consistent with the 59%. These results highlight the alarming lack in regulatory oversight and raise serious safety concerns about these products.

Ostarine, Ligandrol, LGD-4033, Testolone, RAD-140, and Andarine are the most well-known SARMs on the market.7 However, there have been very few clinical studies that examined their pharmacokinetic profiles or identified potential drug interactions. 

7 In addition, SARMs are often used in a way that is more dangerous than what has been clinically proven. It is not known how SARMs interact with other substances, such as alcohol or other drugs, especially at high doses.

It is legal to sell or buy SARMs that have been marketed as research chemicals. This often happens online. SARMs can be sold and bought legally if they are being sold as research chemicals. This is often done online.

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