You want time to analyze the information before responding to both them and calling on your internal resources for their answers. Questions posed to your prospect will surely be asked by your company when you bring this opportunity to them. They will want to know how well qualified the opportunity is and what your instincts tell you about this request.  US Standard Products Incidentally, instincts are developed with experience and are your own judgments about the situation.Should you get positive responses from both the prospect and your company, then your questions can center around who is involved in making the decision and whether or not the product will be evaluated for inclusion into your prospects or customers product line. However, you can refrain from asking those questions until you receive an affirmative response from your own firm.We Do Not Have All the Answers

Our customers and prospects see us as the front line; they expect us to be sensitive to their needs and requests. Rarely do they actually expect us to have the answers to every question they will ever ask- especially if it is about a product they know we do not presently carry. They know we must check with other resources to ensure whatever gets stated is solid information before migrating it up their own internal decision making chain. For the most part, they are not trying to ‘stump the band’; the request usually has a good reason behind it. Our job is to ascertain the validity of the request and present the information into our own company decision chain. Our customers do expect us to follow through and respond in a reasonable period of time. When we fail to respond in kind, we jeopardize the relationship with our prospect, as well as the relationship we have with the account.Besides, a written follow up to prospects and internal resources reassures everyone we are being thorough and professional and provides the best protection against someone forgetting what was verbally stated.

Think It ThroughA non-standard product or service can have an enormous impact on a company. It takes time for a company to evaluate the effect it will have on the entire organization, not just the single opportunity we are presenting. Impact means that when we say yes in Customerland, it is likely our company will include it in the product line as a standard product or capability at some time in the future. It also means that all the appropriate parts of our organization know it will be supplied, which in most cases means a support mechanism put in place, training of personnel and all other issues which affect it being in the product line. When fully supported by all sectors within your company it means you now have another product to sell. This time a standard one.

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