When you sign up for the Coaching Portfolio Guide, you receive a free copy of The Complete Guide to the Coaching Interview. This interview guide includes the most common interview questions asked in a coaching interview with some sample answers. But how does someone prepare for those tricky sport-specific questions during a job interview?

Quite frankly, it would be impossible to provide sport-specific questions for multiple sports with sample answers for those questions for each sport. In our webinars, which are archived on the Coaching Portfolio site, we discuss how your preparation in putting together your coaching barcelona materials for the job search process is what most prepares you for answering sport-specific interview questions. If you have carefully thought out your philosophies and put them on paper, you will be confident in answering sport-specific interview questions.

There is no “correct” way to answer sport-specific questions in an interview, especially if there are multiple people sitting in on the interview. Your going to have 4 kinds of people sitting in on the in the interview, 3 of which are bad:

1-Someone who has no clue about your sport-specific Q&A

2-Someone who thinks they have a clue about your sport-specific Q&A, but in reality, really doesn’t have a clue

3-Someone who actually does have a clue about your sport-specific Q&A and disagrees with your philosophy

4-Someone who actually does have a clue about your sport-specific Q&A but agrees with your philosophy

Don’t worry, about the “correct” answer, instead, be prepared and confident in your answers to sport-specific answers by frequently evaluating your coaching ideas and philosophies and putting them into practice.

Hope this helps…..if you have further questions let me know.

Receive a FREE copy of The Complete Guide to the Coaching Interview, which includes over 250 sample interview questions specific to coaching jobs + the best answers to common interview questions, when you sign up for The Coaching Portfolio website.

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I receive questions about my coaching portfolio website on a daily basis. Many coaches are seeking an easy way to develop their coaching portfolio. They want a tool where they type in their info and Presto!…..they have a coaching portfolio. For anyone who has created a coaching portfolio, they know it is not that simple. Creating a coaching portfolio is a tedious, time consuming venture. It is a culminations of your achievents, philosophies, and values. And in order to convey the proper message to a hiring committee, you must spend the time to personalize your portfolio.

My website, the Coaching Portfolio Guide, is an instructional website. I have sections dedicated to a variety of components that a coach can include in their portfolio. In each of those sections, I explain why you may want to include that component. I provide a number of sample documents created by myself and other coaches, in pdf format. Also included is a number of sample portfolios submitted to us by actual coaches in various sports. That way, you can see what other coaches are doing in their portfolios.

I believe that there are a number of ways that you can create and design your portfolio. There is no wrong way way. While having a website where you just type in your info and in return it spits out a portfolio would be convenient, I don’t think it would truly reflect who you are as a person or a coach. And while it’s ok to “borrow” other documents or items from someone else’s portfolio–I have definitely done it–I think the best part of creating a portfolio is that it really is a representation of you as a coach and person. It is not some static document–it is something that is ever-evolving. I personally use things from my portfolio in my everyday coaching–it serves as a great tool and a staff manual. In my opinion, the best way to create your portfolio is to sit down and type out your thoughts, ideas, philosophies and come back and update them on a regular basis. Create individual documents, not just one long document. Creating individual documents allows you to not only use those documents in your coaching on a daily basis, it also allows you to customize your portfolio for each job that you may be applying for.

Hope this answers some questions about the Coaching Portfolio website. Feel free to reach out with questions at any time!

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