You can post an unlimited number of classifieds on this website without logging in / registering. If you need more service, we can provide you with our premium package. Here you can upload up to 15 images and your ad will be on the homepage for four weeks. Classified ads from premium customers run for 90 days, while the free basic package only runs for 60 days.

Although it is possible to post classifieds without registering, we recommend registering for the BASIC or PREMIUM package. In the customer area you have an overview of your advertisements at any time, and you can edit, extend or delete them.

For entrepreneurs, one of our BUSINESS packages is the best choice. You can have your company included in our company directory as a company portrait with just one click, and at no additional cost. In addition to commercial classified ads, you also have the option of posting job advertisements, again at no extra cost.

For more information and help on using local personal classifieds, see the Information and Help page.

Advertise job advertisements correctly

Employers can advertise job ads in our business packages. Here you get to the registration ( registration ). Employers have the opportunity to describe their job advertisements in detail and also to link their website.

Please note that the classified ads category Job Wanted is only intended for employees who are looking for a job. Please do not post any job advertisements here!

Tips for the listings

Sometimes we get classified ads with just a short sentence in the ad text. For example, it says “I’m selling a bike”. The prospective customer naturally asks, “What kind of bike is it?”, “What color is the bike?”, “Ladies’ or men’s bike?”. As a result, the prospect ultimately has little information about the item to be sold and will probably not react to your classified ad.

Describe the bike in more detail and upload photos that are as appealing as possible. This significantly increases the chances of selling the bike. The more detailed you describe the goods (e.g. the bicycle) in the classified ad, the more likely you will receive offers from potential buyers.

Headings (ad titles) are also important. Describing the title of the classified ad in just one word is usually not sufficient. For example, in the title of the ad, write “I am selling a 20-inch men’s bicycle in Berlin”. In this case, the interested party immediately knows in which city the bike is being offered.

Tips for the personals

Personals with pictures are answered up to 7 times more often. So that the future partner can assess you better, we recommend that you upload several pictures. Why are pictures so important? Quite simply because, even in “offline life”, the first thing people pay attention to is the outside. As a result, there is little chance that you will get a reply to a person ad without a photo.

Better describe the personals ad

The self-description in the personal ad must not be too short or too long. Not only is the picture your business card on the Internet, but also the detailed description of the personal ad. For example, you should describe in more detail what interests and hobbies you have. These two criteria are very important for the future partner.

An example: “I like reading books”. If a sentence looks like that in the ad, it’s not enough for the prospect. The reader would ask, “What exactly is you reading? What books is you / he reading?” The answer to that should already be in the ad. It would be even better, for example, “I have read these books: Faust, the Chatten, etc.” If you have the same interests, you can also talk better to the other person. In that case, you can talk about the content of the book. This is a better way to get into conversation on a date. It doesn’t just have to be books. It can be many areas of life, such as music, sports and much more.

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