Productivity is deliberate and requires conscious effort. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you need a lot of planning, excellence, and execution to increase the overall productivity of your business. Thankfully, the following tools can make that easier:

The Tools

1. ProofHub – When you manage projects or work on them, it can be an overwhelming experience for you and your team. That invites slack and reduces your company’s productivity. Fortunately, ProofHub can solve your problem. It is an excellent task management software and has everything you need to manage your projects. You can keep things organized, streamline communication and increase accountability through this software. Moreover, it has features that let you track overtime rigorously and gives you a better handle on time collaboration. 

2. Calendar – Traditional time management tools and digital calendars make you spend your time revising information across multiple tools and journaling entries. Calendar brings you a modern solution with the power of artificial intelligence. It learns your schedule and organizes it when necessary. It takes care of your bookings and updates meetings on your behalf so that you and your employees can get more done without wasting any time on such mundane tasks. It’s also a great team tool since it lets you share your calendar with other people and can also show you analytics that tells you how your time is spent on meetings.

3. Slack – There has never been a better team collaboration tool than Slack and the $27 billion acquisition by Salesforce is a relevant and quantifiable testimony. It helps you unify all your team communications in one place. It even lets you filter out the noise with highlighted words. Hence, during a time-sensitive workflow, you only get notified when those highlighted words pop up in a message. The software also allows integration with popular everyday use apps like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

4. Evernote – Think of Evernote as a memory bank outside your physical brain. It helps you remember all the important things. The helpful and reliable note-making app lets you get things done and stay organized. Moreover, the cloud-based service lets you sync your notes across devices and share your best ideas with anyone at any time.

5. Right Inbox – The Gmail extension offers 10 solid features that will make your life easier and your inbox much more bearable. It is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals and for the right reasons. You don’t have to waste your time on repetitive tasks and use it more efficiently. One of its greatest features is that this extension allows you to sequence emails with follow-up requests. So, if a client doesn’t reply within a set time limit, you get to know about it. The reminders of this software also let you keep track of important conversations. Moreover, with email tracking, you can check out who opens your email.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these amazing tools to make your company more productive.

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