Managed WordPress web hosting plan is a favourite option for many webmasters .uk domains. Its robust features and not too much price difference makes it the first choice among many users. The crucial thing that is notable for many WordPress you is how they perform speed and ranking. Noone likes a slow website, and your website loading times directly impact conversions. Managed WordPress hosting usually has fewer websites and optimised for WordPress only, allowing websites to load with lightning speed.

Managed WordPress plans use content delivery networks to offload the media files from your website and distribute them globally. Website speed is critical because it directly influences search engine rankings and customer satisfaction. Content delivery networks have an excellent way of ensuring that content loads fast despite the location it is accessed using globally distributed networks. With fast loading times, web content usually sees a higher conversion rate, and increased return user traffic improves sales. Content delivery networks are also built to reduce content exchange from your websites and handle sophisticated cyber-attacks. The managed WordPress hosting plans daily automatically update core files When there is a new WordPress software version, and you don’t need to update your WordPress core and its themes and plugins, as these are done daily automatically on the platform. Managed WordPress hosting provides robust website protection from malware attacks, allowing your website to operate continually to always accessible to users.

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