The hypotheses have been analyzed within a laboratory experiment. The sample consisted of 263 individuals ( Gals; imply age =, who were being randomly assigned to among the two (technological embodiment: minimal –PC– vs. large –VR HMD) × three (scent: no scent vs. pleasant and non-congruent –P– vs. enjoyable and congruent –P + C) involving-topics situations, inside a factorial design and style. Mobile measurements ranged from 39 to forty eight contributors. Looking at these cell sizes, and also the regular solution concerning a importance level of α = 0.05, and an expected statistical energy of β = 0.eighty, we might count on to detect a one/2.5 common-deviation alter  in the outcome variables (Viglia & Dolnicar, in press).

In the experiment the contributors were instructed to assume that they were thinking about traveling to a certain desired destination. In an effort to stay away from biases derived from previous activities or tourism Choices, two destinations were being selected because the stimuli with the experiment, and randomly assigned on the individuals: Venice (Italy) as well as the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland). The contributors very first answered a number of Manage questions with regards to their previous knowledge with the destinations, their Choices for different types of tourism (e.g. nature, athletics, city), their earlier activities with 360-diploma movies displayed on PCs and VR HMDs, and their previous expertise with VR (Flavián et al., 2019a, Flavián et al., in push). They were being, thereafter, randomly assigned to among the 6 experimental ailments. Based on the ailment, they visualized a 360-diploma movie from the destination through on the list of units (Computer vs. VR HMD) in a space with differing types of scent (no scent vs. nice and non-congruent vs. nice and congruent). The initial films have been modified to maintain their duration (ninety s) and sound high-quality regular. The lab rooms ended up perfumed with ambient scents when expected via the experimental issue.


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