A beauty salon is incomplete without its hair cutting scissors, combs, mirror, make-up products, and of course towels. Salon towels are an essential part of any kind of salon set-up. These towels are required for varied purposes and the owner of the salon cannot do without them. They help in drying wet, shampooed hair, cleaning the face pack from the face, wrapping up the body for massage, to dry the face or body after a therapeutic shower, and more. 강남풀싸롱

In the market, salon towels are available in different sizes, textures, and colors. One can pick a wide range of towels and in different sizes for each required purpose. Though, most of the time, one finds white color towels in many of these beauty enhancing shops, but one can pick colored ones too. The best quality towels have high thread count, making it highly absorbable and one can wash them multiple times without affecting the texture and color much. The premium ones are highly soft and fluffy, and are bleach proof. The bleach proof towels are stain resistant and last for a long time. The towels used by hair stylist are usually pure cotton material, and do not shrink. The other kind of salon towels that one can find in the market are wash cloth towels, tanning sweat towels, pool towels, tanning bed cleaning towels, and more.It is better to buy these salon towels in bulk as the need for them is consistent and on a regular basis. Plus, it is not a good idea to use these towels for a long period of time and they should be replaced after two or three months of use, especially where the regular clientele list is a long one. And, when one does bulk buying from wholesale market, one gets them at a much cheaper rate compared to retail shops.

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