Whether you have to photograph in the middle of the day or at night, flash lighting is a great help to your wedding photography.

Using your flash during this time may help you to fill in light. You can also use a flash to add a more creative flair to your photos

They can be placed on your camera’s hot-shoe, and on a camera bracket. Or even handheld for fast adjustments. You can even sync many flash units at the same time.

This is great for different lights hitting the same scene from different angles. Go through our article here for all the information you will ever need.

Diptych wedding portrait of the bride

How to Use a Wireless Flash Trigger

To use these Speedlites or any off-camera lighting system, they need to connect to your camera. A wireless flash trigger allows you to trigger the flash without any physical connection to the camera.

Wireless flash triggers consist of two parts, a receiver Unvergessliche Hochzeitsfotos and a transmitter. They work on transmitting the information to the flash unit that has a receiver attached to it.

To learn more about how to use a wireless flash trigger, read our article!

a Wireless Flash Trigger for wedding photography tips

How to Use a Photography Reflector for Perfect Lighting

Reflectors are super useful for portraiture and wedding photography. They are great because they don’t need batteries or cables and they fold away into small, pockets.

They are pretty inexpensive too and can have dramatic effects on your photography. Basically, they bounce and re-direct light back into the scene, thus soften harsh shadows.

These are great to add a fill light as if there is more than one light source. You’ll find they are flexible enough to bend and further shape the light and where it needs to go.

Read this article and you might find yourself modifying them into shoot-through reflectors soon enough.

Two photography reflectors

How To Shoot Weddings

How to Master Your Wedding Photography Workflow

Gear is secondary to your approach, portrait posing, and composition.

From finding and communicating with the happy couple to the handing over of the images, photographing weddings is a lot of hard work.

Writing time your workflow will give your clients an example of all the steps involved in wedding photography.

This also helps you understand where your time goes. Which could help you explain why you charge $2000+ to capture such a special event.

Table set at a wedding

Wedding Photography Checklist

Photography checklists are a great way to help you see what images are expected from wedding photography.

The list will help you know what to look for when it comes to researching and location scouting.

By all means, use our article for inspiration and a handy guide of what you should be photographing.

Going through our wedding checklist will allow you to focus on the next image.

Group wedding photography shot
Hillary Grigonis

25 Tips for the Amateur Wedding Photographer

These tips are designed to help you capture the best images at the wedding.

The initial communication is important, as you will find out about the couple’s ideas and wishes. This day is all about them and what they want to have captured.

Do as much research and scouting for light and settings as you need. This ensures you are prepared and confident on the wedding day. You are not a guest or a family member, you are working, so focus on the day at hand.

Read through a few more of our tips on how to ensure the day goes according to the plan.

Outdoor wedding portrait of the happy couple

A Wedding Photographer’s Secrets for Capturing Details

Capturing the small details is a very important area of wedding photography.

The wedding rings are the most important part of the ceremony. There are many ways photographers have captured these bands over the years.

Other details like close-ups of corsages, flowers and all the small parts that add flair to the wedding. Looking at the features of the clothing, for example, the shoes or even jewellery.

The small elements add to the overall scene and are a nice way to break up the wider shots of the guests and the location.

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