It’s an unfortunate actuality that we as people can’t really know just how much God hates sin. In precisely the exact same manner a fish isn’t aware or doesn’t know that it’s equally moist and surrounded by water, we as fallen human beings are not aware of how truly dropped we are. We”beverage down sin” as if it had been water, and we do this with no regard as to how far it offends holiness definition and angers the Holy God of the Bible who is our founder.

The first and most important thing we will need to see is that God is absolutely holy and great. God hates sin so much that it took the damn death of His only begotten son Jesus Christ to reconcile fallen people to Himself. When we know that God doesn’t take Sin softly we start to genuinely understand and love everything He has done for us on the cross.

To be able to help yourself know just how terrible sin is, imagine for a moment that you’re with every one your family and friends. Someone has obtained a movie camera and puts every moment of your daily life such as things done when nobody was viewing on a movie and is revealing it in the front of everybody. In this scenario you’d feel the best amount of shame and embarrassment you’ve ever felt in your life. You’d likely run off and never show your head to some one of these . And you know for a fact that everybody else is like you. Now imagine how you’ll feel when you stand until a great holy God and give an account for what you’ve done in your lifetime. God is just like you.

Another challenge is that because God is flawlessly Just he can’t allow sin to go ahead. That is the reason He sent His son Jesus Christ on our behalf. What a lot of people don’t understand about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is that on the cross He really bore each the sin of everybody whom he would save. He bore this sin and subsequently paid the cost by surviving the almighty wrath of God that was thrown out on Him on the Cross. The Bible informs us that’s happy God to crush His only Son. It pleased Him to unleash his own Wrath against sin because of just how far he despises sin. It must also be noted that Jesus Christ had to have become the eternal God since our sin against the eternal God makes us endless punishment. A mere human sacrifice wouldn’t have been sufficient.

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