The time has come to concentrate on”Solutions” versus”Tools”. SAP doesn’t supply an eCommerce solution as part of the SAP Business ONE portfolio. It’s thus vital to examine the market position and supply resources and information about the present offerings associated with eCommerce. During discussions with partners, clients and an internet conversation, we organized and compiled the”Success Factors” for the ideal SAP Business ONE eCommerce solution. When Ecommerce Platform picking to get an eCommerce Solution that works together with SAP Business ONE you’re able to quantify the accessible attributes against these success factors. So as to achieve this in a structured fashion We’ll finish the following route:

We examine the answer scenarios based on SAP Business ONE. This is followed with a brief analysis of this target market and its own limitations. We then specify the”standards” that may be employed to rate features. Essentially, this standards is intended to quantify a solution’s capacity to”Catch the company Momentum”. There are various plugins and features. We recorded the”key eCommerce attributes” that must be present at a solution so as to empower”End-to-End” processes. The last step would be to place the vital eCommerce attributes to the test together with the possible target user base in mind. We try to assess the general solution together with the revolutionary”Simple Yet Powerful Test – SYPT”. This visual representation is based upon the Newton Cradle theory and showcases an answer’s capacity to”Catch the company Momentum”.

The demand for internet technology is omnipresent and the ROI for internet implementations is”undisputed”. Using the procedure shown in this paper you can”dispute” and decide for your”right” alternative. We’ll concentrate on products which are highly integrated with SAP Business ONE. Therefore eCommerce solutions which aren’t integrated with SAP Business ONE by layout are disregarded. Any solution could be incorporated and it’s not our wish to supply an integration manual inside this document. We focus on options which are using the DI-API or comparable way to”extend” SAP procedures to the internet. Any”guide” integration won’t be a part of the white paper. The objective of the document is to underline the demand for end-to-end solutions which seamlessly incorporate.

Most emerging businesses require a solution that’s easy to use, simple to implement and will help them”manage expansion”. Growth is 1 thing, but”handling” expansion is essential. We’ll then see how the recognized”Success Factors” will enable you to determine how this”Direction of Development” can be managed together with your favorite solution. In the following section we’ll identify and specify the target market for your SAP Business ONE eCommerce solutions.

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