While it is essential to the success of your business, maintaining a healthy, productive and engaged global workforce can be difficult for multinationals. Employers are constantly looking for ways to manage costs and meet their employees’ medical needs.

MAXIS GBN’s dedicated Health & Wellness team can help you to understand the health of your employees and to create programs that address your most costly cost drivers. 

Our two-step approach for health and well-being – prescriptive as well as diagnostic – allows you to accomplish this. They will give you the insight that you need to better understand your medical risk and manage your healthcare programs. 

The Global Medical Dashboard Reports provide in-depth analysis that helps you identify the cost drivers, trends, as well as areas where there is most financial change in over thirty markets.

 Our team is available to provide expert analysis that will help you understand the data and determine the right solutions. Once you identify the cost drivers, our prescriptive solutions will assist you in creating local and global programs to address them. MAXIS Global Wellness allows you to access:

  • MAXIS WIT (Wellness Intelligence Tool), is a stateof-the-art analytical tool that assists our captive clients in calculating the cost-savings they can make by implementing specific wellness campaigns.
  • The health and wellness toolkits can be used to educate employees about specific topics and help them implement wellness awareness programs. This will allow you to effectively drive local-to-global health management strategies.
  • Our wellness technology marketplace has carefully selected third-party suppliers that deliver digital wellness solutions. These can complement your local offering or be managed globally.

This prescriptive and diagnostic two-step process provides the data and tools you need to address your major cost drivers around the globe. Additionally, it ensures your employees have easy access to standardised and comprehensive services wherever they may be.

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