For those living in cities, or anyone who is often on the go, portable grills can be a great option. You will need to do some research in order to find the best portable grill that suits your lifestyle. These recommendations will help narrow your search.

Propane or gas grills are generally the best portable grills. Charcoal is an excellent alternative, but it can be heavier, more messy and take longer to light. Even though small electric grills sound wonderful, you should remember that you may not have power at all times, especially if camping or you spend a day in the parks. There is no flame, so you won’t get flame-grilled goodness.

There are many brands offering small and portable grills in a range of styles. Some can fold up and can be carried on a long hike. Others, however, are more portable and can be moved easily.

Weber’s compact gas grill is superior in every category. Overall, it was the clear winner for best portable grill. It is simple to assemble and only requires a few components. The finished product feels sturdy even after being shaken a few times. After lighting the igniter, the grill heated up quickly and reached 500 F in just 15 minutes. The flame is easy and stable. It can even be used to grill with the flame on low.

Although it doesn’t have the largest cooking area at 189 inches, the grill is large enough to cook burgers and chicken for six people. It is ergonomically designed and has flared-out trays to hold your plates. The Q-1200 is available in several fun colors as well as jet black. The Q-1200, despite its robust build, is light enough to be used as a camping grill or carried by one person with relative ease. As with all of the grills on this list, you can use any small propane tanks available at most hardware and camping stores.

All the grills listed here can be moved to some degree. However, some models are much more portable than others. The NomadiQ portable propane barbecue folds into a compact bag-sized package that is easy to carry. It weighs only 12 pounds making it the smallest true portable propane grill I tried.

It worked! I’m happy to report that it worked quite well. The setup was simple. You simply need to unhinge your sides and it opens up like an open clamshell. You have 226 square feet of ceramic-coated, nonstick grilling space.

It didn’t heat up as much as the Weber Q at under 10,000 BTUs but it is smaller and easier to transport. Although the grill is large in cooking area, certain areas got hotter than others. But they did it in a consistent fashion. To find the true heat source and the coolest spots, you will need to know where the heat is coming (mostly towards the middle).

The NomadiQ Grill is expensive at $300. But if you need something portable, this could be a great choice.

The idea of carrying around a dirty charcoal grill is not something that people like to do. However, the GoBQ’s creators solved the problem with intelligent design. The entire unit is easy to fold up in 20 seconds. Once you’re done with it, it can be wrapped up again, protecting all of the bad-smelling charcoal.

It weighs in at just nine pounds, making it the lightest on this list. The included carry case can be slung over your shoulder so you can grill on the move. This charcoal grill can be taken anywhere and used by campers or hikers looking for a portable, small grill to use while on the road.

The GoBQ was also able to produce a hot and steady fire and offers 185 square feet of grilling space. The grill has no fancy features so you will have to manage the fire in the same way as with campfires or charcoal fires. This grill is more expensive than others on the market but it’s made to last. This small portable grill is ideal for charcoal grilling.

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