Hot Grabba Leaf, may be the leading tobacco brand that provides 100% natural whole leaf tobacco, packaged and fresh. We hand select our tobacco Hotgrabba and Grabba and only use premium grade A tobacco for the products. At Hot Grabba Leaf we use the best farmers and brokers on the planet to provide you the very best product in the marketplace. The leaf we select for our products are 100% natural, no chemicals or additives, fresh, whole leaf tobacco. Most of the tobacco is grown in america. Since the 1940s our family has been growing tobacco in Jamaica, WI. With our main office in NY, Hot Grabba Leaf owns subsidiaries to the Jamaica based company Tobacco Masters Ltd operating out of Kingston Jamaica. Hot Grabba Leaf Can be found at your neighborhood deli, smoke shop, and chain stores.

To most people, Fronto Leaf is unusual, however, Fronto has been around for decades! Worldwide it has names like ?Fanta Leaf, Franta Leaf, Funta Leaf, Frunta Leaf, Grabba Leaf, Hot Grabba Leaf, Funnels, Red Rose, Red Herring? and more.

Grabba Leaf, Hot Grabba leaf, or Red Rose, refers to a dark, thick leaf that’s usually crushed and blended.

With Grabba, it?s usually of less importance for the leaf to be 100% wrapper, but is still important that it not be too damaged. Quite simply, since it all gets crushed, a few minor imperfections are hardly noticeable.

Thicker, darker (Grabba, Red Rose) tobacco leaf varieties have become popular in Jamaica and on other Caribbean islands. Thinner wrapper leaves tend to be more popular in the USA, however both are employed in both markets.

Tobacco smokers will always be looking to get more info on what they are smoking. From the strain of tobacco plant that was harvested, to processing details such as drying/curing and harsh chemicals that may be being used. Grabba leaf is unique because it supplies the whole leaf plant after being cured and aged to excellence.

Tobacco grown specifically for smoking tends never to have the thicker, meatier texture found in Grabba, which is better for rolling.

Although this is true, we can?t overlook Grabba?s use as a filler tobacco even though it is wrapper grade tobacco leaf.

When blending tobacco for cigars, Grabba?s dark, savory profile is becoming increasingly popular for expanding the volume and boldness of the blend.

Grabba leaf can be utilized as a wrapper or crushed and blended with other tobacco.

It is a substitute for chewing tobacco! Since you can find slight imperfections in the Grabba leaf, it is priced lower. Crush or pulverize the complete leaf to use the lasting flavor and medium coarse texture.

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