NCERT Exemplar are basically practice books introduced by NCERT to develop problem solving skills not only in board exams but also in other competitive exams like JEE, NEET etc. The NCERT Exemplar provides various higher level application based questions such as MCQs, short answer questions etc. so that students can understand the concepts comprehensively.  Other books give more attention on building the basic foundation. However, NCERT Exemplar books focus on knowledge building and provide students a deeper understanding of the concepts. NCERT Exemplar notes and worksheets are developed by highly knowledgeable teachers in an illustrative manner. These ncert exemplar solutions and problems are the best source for effective exam preparation in CBSE board.

These solutions and problems of NCERT Exemplar help students to understand the concepts in a better and more effective way. The questions present in NCERT Exemplar books are of advanced level and help students to improve their problem solving skills. These problems and solutions also help students to analyse their preparation level and accomplish accordingly for the competitive exams. These books offer extra questions of a higher level that help students to achieve in-depth learning of concepts in each chapter. Exemplar books are considered as the right source of preparation for students to come out with flying colors in board exams. The information given in these books are authentic and completely reliable.

Practising NCERT Exemplar problems help students to perform well in exams and pursue their desired course in further studies. To ace the exam, NCERT Exemplar provides students with well structured solutions, numerous types of practice problems and in-depth explanations designed by experts. The Exemplar helps students to enhance their overall learning and elaborate a better knowledge of the concepts. Regular practice of NCERT Exemplar for Class 6 Solutionsenables students to clear their doubts instantly and have a proper understanding of the concepts. With the help of these solutions, students get familiar with important questions, marking schemes and the current exam pattern. The higher level of questions present in the Exemplar of NCERT enable students to develop problem solving skills.

Benefits of Solving NCERT Exemplar Problems and Solutions

  • Provides numerous questions

The Exemplar books offer a wide variation of questions from each chapter to help students get acquainted with the different types of questions. This in turn helps students boost problem solving skills and solve any type of question in the exam effortlessly.[1] [2] [3] [MOU4] 

  • Provide concepts in an elaborate manner

The questions available in Exemplar books help students to have a proper knowledge of basic concepts. While practising the problems students can easily analyse their level of basic knowledge and understand the concepts more effectively. The advanced level questions help students to enhance deeper understanding of subjects.

  • Helps to prepare effectively for exams

The Exemplar book consists of questions that are frequently asked in the board exams. Practising these exemplar questions along with the NCERT textbook questions help students improve their advanced skills in the respective chapter. This also boosts the ability to appear for other competitive exams like JEE, NEET etc.

  • Strictly follow CBSE curriculum

The NCERT Exemplar questions strictly rely on the CBSE curriculum. To help students in learning the advanced concepts with ease, the CBSE exemplar books provide various questions from each chapter. The questions in the exemplar books are a bit advanced. Hence, students are suggested to practice NCERT textbook questions before moving on to exemplar questions.

Students can also find the chapter wise questions and solutions which help them to study further effectively. Experienced teachers suggest students to revise the entire syllabus systematically and gain better scores in exams. Students need not worry about the wrong questions and solutions as these NCERT Exemplars for Class 8Solutions are based on the  CBSE guidelines.

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