Hand towels are the most common kitchen item used everywhere. But did you ever give it a thought that the best honing steel hand towels could possibly be the dirtiest thing in the entire kitchen! This is because we often tend to utilize the same towel before washing our hands, after washing our hands, for wiping the utensils or for holding the hot utensils. Just read it again and believe that the same towel being used for every purpose! To avoid, keep at least 3 towels for different purpose and create a regular habit of washing them atlanta divorce attorneys 2 weeks in tepid to warm water. This will keep them clean and free from germs.

2. Plastic containers

Plastic containers are commonly found in kitchens but in order to retain their quality of preservative and freshness, they include large amount of toxic chemicals. Avoid keeping more fresh vegetables in plastic containers because they add up to harmful chemical compounds. Also it is advisable to utilize glass or borosil containers for heating dishes in microwave as microwave contains harmful rays and using plastic containers only add up to the health risks.

3. Sink

Kitchen sinks could be a regular place for the bacteria to breed and cause health diseases. Dirty utensils kept in the sink for an extended periods of time builds a mini house for the bacteria and make an environment filled with germs. Ensure that the kitchen sink is regularly cleaned and dirty dishes must not be kept for long.

4. Burners

Gas stoves carry an enormous risk in kitchen. Ensure that the burners are always closed you should definitely used. Gas stoves or burners release harmful gases and may lead to fire in the kitchen. Nowadays the application of LPG pipelines have increased in comparison to gas cylinders. Unlike gas cylinders, pipes are comparatively more safe and feasible however they too can cause short circuit in case of any small leakage.

5. Sponge

Sponges are used as a cleaning material nonetheless it can itself be one of many harmful kitchen substance.

Once the dish cleaning is done do not leave the sponge wet. It attracts bacteria and germs very quickly. Rinse it thoroughly after the use or keep it in the microwave for 30 seconds. This will dry put the sponge and wthhold the bacteria entering into it.

6. Grinder

Vegetable or meat grinders can be quite harmful tool in the kitchen. Though it really is fast enough to chop off the vegetables fast yet it is risky and requires presence of mind when using it. Just be ware you don’t chop off your fingers along! They have an instrument that pushes the vegetable and the it gets chopped in small pieces. You need to always browse the safety instructions before using them.

7. Garbage disposal

This essential item of your kitchen is found everywhere. It is vital and requires regular cleaning. Vegetable peels or any kitchen garbage material have foul smell plus they are the favourite area for flies and mosquitoes. Since these are thrown in the kitchen garbage, regular cleaning of dustbins is required. Kitchen dustbins ought to be cleaned on a regular basis and try changing it within six months.

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