When is really a motorcycle carrier safe to use?

A motorcycle carrier is definitely safe to use Enviar moto given that the motorcycle and the vehicle follow strict guidelines, usually recommended by the manufacture of the vehicle and the carrier. The weight limit of the carrier and the utmost tongue rating of the hitch receiver is very important to check out. Failure to comply the weight limits could result in extremely expensive damage to the motorcycle and the vehicle.

Typical weight limits of motorcycle haulers are 400 and 600lbs with respect to the design and material the carrier is made out of. Most carriers that are made for dirt bike transportation are created out of aluminum and have a 400lb weight limit. The carriers that are made of steel usually have a 600lb weigh limit and are made to carry sport bikes or cruisers.

Loading the Motorcycle

Loading the motorcycle on the carrier is often times where most accidents occur. Always have two people present when loading the motorcycle, one individual on each side of the motorcycle to balance the bike. Do not have the motorcycle running while loading the bike, a slip of the clutch can send the motorcycle in to the vehicle or into some on loading the bike.

Following the motorcycle is up the ramp have on person securely hold the bike as the other uses ratchet straps to strap down the motorcycle to the motorcycle carrier. Always utilize at least four ratchet straps to secure the motorcycle. Two on the front of the motorcycle and two on the back of the trunk of the motorcycle, preferably on the seat frame.

Driving with the Motorcycle Carrier

The most common mistake drivers make when transporting a motorcycle on the carrier is the assumption that they will be able to drive as if they’re not transporting the motorcycle because of the lack of a trailer. Special attention needs to be taken when driving with the carrier, especially when driving over rough terrain such as dirt road, speed bumps and on-ramps to interstates. Failure to operate a vehicle carefully can lead to failure of the ratchet straps or other locking mechanisms that may securely contain the motorcycle to the carrier.


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